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Online Poker Strategy

There are many poker books dedicated to this topic. And it certainly helps to read such books. But to anticipate, the absolute poker strategy does not exist, otherwise it would be pretty easy to win big tournaments. Because it is e.g. It makes a huge difference whether you play no-limit Texas Holdem Poker at a table or four low-limit games (see also poker variations). Everything you hear and read may help you to do the right thing in one case or another.


If you start playing poker and master the poker rules, then play with people who play at your level. It's best to play limit games only. Because if you try it with No Limit, an error can already mean the end.As with other things, one can say that practice makes perfect. Use the opportunity to play for free at the online poker sites. You can usually get a certain amount of play money per day and play poker with it. Of course, the win is then just play money, but so you have the opportunity to practice.

Game Types

Tight play means that only a few, but really good hands are played. Loose play, on the other hand, is when someone plays a large number of hands. Ideally, you combine these two varieties. If there are many players at the table at the beginning, it's more like tight play. Only if you have really good hands, you play. But in this case as aggressive as possible. If, over time, the number of players at the table decreases or the blinds become high, more loose play is required. Because this makes it easier for the tight players to steal the blind.

Slow Play

Slowplay means faking the opponent a worse hand than you actually have. If you e.g. Pocket Queens has and on the flop the third lady comes or even better, if for example After the flop has an ace flush, you do not play aggressively, but lets others act. Typical forms of slow play are check and call without raise or reraise. This makes it possible to let the opponents run into a trap. The goal is to keep as many opponents in the game as possible. Only from the turn or even the river you put as much as possible.

To Read Hands

If you knew what your opponent has for playing poker, it would be very easy to win. Therefore, the trick is to read the opponent's hands to get that information. Unfortunately, the reading of the hands depends on the opponent. It's usually easier to do this with a good player than with a beginner. The reason is simply that a beginner is unpredictable. It's fair to say that this is a bit of the hardest part of poker and it takes a lot of experience to acquire that knowledge.

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